About Our Instructors

Kelly Mahloch has been professionally instructing riders since 1981 and has been nationally certified by the American Riding Instructor's Association since 1990.  She has coached students to well over 100 State 4-H Championships in Hunt Seat Equitation, Hunt Showmanship, Trail, Dressage, Jumping and Combined Training.  Her passion is Eventing.  She regularly offers instruction on the farm's regulation USEA competition cross country course.  Kelly has competed and coached riders through Preliminary Level Eventing and has competed and coached numerous students through the classic format of three day Eventing through the Preliminary Level. 

She has regularly been recognized by the American Riding Instructor's Association as one of the "Top 50" Instructors in the United States.  Her clinics are popular due to her entertaining delivery and down to earth style.  Kelly has been awarded both the Wisconsin Horse Council's "Judge of the Year" and "Horseperson of the Year".  She is the only person in the history of the WHC to receive both awards. 

Kelly has earned both the USDF Bronze and Silver Medals and has competed through Intermediate Level Dressage  Kelly regularly qualifies for the American Eventing Championships.





















Daughter Ali Kuhn has returned to Wisconsin, after earning a Bachelor's Degree in Equine Business and interning in Kentucky for 3 years.  Ali's niche is producing young horses.   She particularly enjoys purchasing horses off the track, retraining them and matching them up with a new owner.  She has a great eye for potential event horses who enjoy the thrill of XC.  Since coming home in 2018, she has had a major influence on the quality of new horses and owners coming into the facility.   Since she is always producing a number of young horses, there is always something among her string of show horses for sale. You can contact her directly to see what she may have available for to come out and ride. Her young horses all compete throughout the show season in events across the midwest as well as at local venues. 

Ali, also, like her mother, is a great instructor.   Thorough, knowledgeable, and eager to help horse and rider become a team, Ali also simply gives a fun, yet challenging lesson.  Their riders are routinely recognized for their solid foundations in seat and leg use and are particularly functional riders able to confidently produce an elegant dressage ride and an accurate cross country ride.        





























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